Ja taas on tulossa rahaa, miten fantsuu!


Paskapostissakin siis on muotivirtauksensa, hmmm. Nyt on menossa kausi ”saat rahaa meiltä kunhan klikkaat tätä linkkii”. 100% real jepjep, ja joka viikko samat sanat & sävel eri osoitteista. Kyl on niin real että ei edes hammas pysty!

– – – – –

Hello dear friend!!!

Our names are Adrian and Gillian Bayford …This email is to inform you that in the month of August, 2012,We won one of Britain’s biggest lottery of 148.6 million pounds..
After seeking financial advice from our legal counsel, we have decided to commence our 2012 charity foundation/projects, and also use the opportunity to give out cash grant of 1 million pounds each to at least 20 persons to become millionaires like us. It is also our intention to make out donations to charity projects and the less privileged all over the world..

To confirm this, you may watch our interview by visiting the web page below;


We know this may come as a big surprise to you but It will interest you to know that your email address was selected alongside other 19 lucky email addresses out of thousands of internet users worldwide. Random selection was done by the legal advisers to this donation programme, declaring YOU as a lucky individual for a cash grant of 1 million pounds from us.

This may sound like a joke or a hoax but please have no doubt as it is 100% real…Hence we expect you to reply back to us immediately for more details on how to get receive your cash grant.

Best of luck,

Adrian and Gillian Bayford
Email: bayxxxxxx@gmx.co.uk

Sisään vaan, on siitä isompikin tullut!

Täytä tietosi alle tai klikkaa kuvaketta kirjautuaksesi sisään:


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